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"I have never felt better. The four hours I spend at class are the most important four hours of my week. Fitness class is the best stress reducer I know and I'm so happy the rest of the day! This is the only exercise I can make myself do. It's always different so I'm never bored, and I love being outside." - Martha, age 65 (9 years and goes every morning we have class!)

"I've been thinking about my mom a lot lately who passed away almost exactly 5 years ago at the age of 73. As I was running around the track this morning I realized she never worked out a day in her life. Earlier in the week my 7 year old was complaining about having to go to soccer practice and why did he have to go. His sister quickly said "Hugh, Mom excercises almost EVERY day!". To that he said, ok - good point! So thank you for helping me be the role model I want to be for my kids!!" - Dorothee (3 years)

"Your boot camp has been such a positive and fun experience for me so far. It's great to see how much strength I have gained over the past month. I'm feeling stronger mentally as well! Before boot camp I was so used to telling myself "I can't do that." Now, I know I can do it! I sincerely appreciate your energy every class and your ability to challenge us to work hard in the moment. Thank you so much!" - Anna (3 months)

"I want to say THANK YOU for such an awesome 8 months of working out. When I bought the coupon on Green lake Moms, I thought I’d join just for one month. Then each and every month, I said “just one more month”! I love your positive attitude and your fun and challenging workouts. I can definitely do more push-ups now than when I started the program." - Jessica (8 sessions)

"The hardest part is getting up in the morning but once I'm there--I LOVE Seattle Fit Club. The workouts are fun and challenging & Katie is supportive & encouraging. I've lost over 20 lbs and I'm getting in great shape!" - Gail (6 sessions)

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the 6am boot camp. I have to admit I was nervous at first (I had no idea what to expect).  But everyone has bee so sweet and welcoming, and the group energy really pushes me to work harder. I end up with happy, soar muscles and a great attitude to start my day. Thank you for your encouragement and the opportunity to be a part of the group. I am so looking forward to the next session!" - Kristen D. (2 sessions)

"The comraderie and outdoor workouts keep me energized and enthusiastic about exercise." - Alicia G. (5 years and going)

"SFC boot camp is a great way to improve and maintain your fitness level. Try it for a month and you will keep coming back for more. It is great to be outside every morning in the park with fun and innovative instructors. No two classes are alike. The comraderie of the group is great. I like the morning workouts because you get it done early and then you don't have to think about trying to fit a workout into your busy schedule. Give it a try, you will not regret it." - Ann (2 years)

"I'm only 3 weeks in, and I'm LOVING it and am already seeing results! (which is remarkable considering I'm 3 months postpartum and have a history of being
anti-exercise, or "too busy" and a professional couch potato). The classes are fun and effective; the trainer is fantastic - an experienced and positive coach with an approachable passion for fitness; the venues are refreshingly varied, all outdoors and conveniently located at our nearby parks; and the other participants bring a mix of fitness levels which makes for great camaraderie!" - Shana (2 sessions)
"It's been a great experience. Being able to work at your own pace, but knowing that every time you leave a class your butt was kicked and something is going to be sore. Although waking up early was difficult, I never regretted a work out after I was done. " - Rebecca (2 sessions)

"I love Seattle Fit Club! I was very nervous signing up but now look forward to it. What I’ve discovered is that this is actually the best 2 hours of my week! I’m challenged and yet not sent over the edge and discouraged.  I find the workouts and camaraderie a lot of fun." - Kristine (4 sessions, participated in her first trimester of pregnancy)

"I loved working out at different parks throughout the session and doing a variety of exercises that kept class fun, interesting, and most importantly, effective."
- Shira (2 years)

"I have had such an incredible experience with Seattle Fit Club!! I feel like all I have to do is show up (and trust me, I always have plenty of excuses not to), because once I get there I always end up somehow pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do, and definitely beyond what I would have done on my own! I can feel myself growing stronger.  Surprisingly, the connections with other group members and the instructor are what really make me drag myself out of bed every morning. The instructors really care about us and they're just plain fun. I'm so glad I gave this a shot." - Courtney (2 sessions)
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