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Nominated for Best Boot Camp in the Region

 What Are Your Dreams?

  Do you recall what your dreams were when you were 7? How about 12?  Maybe 15?
Have you recently thought about what your dreams are?  What do you want in work and in life?
So many of us lose sight of our dreams in the day to day shuffle of keeping up. 
We have work and school deadlines, houses to run, families to keep together and our health to consider. 
Sometimes in the busy times we forget to "feed our dreams." 
What is is that I dream for myself in life and in work and in love.
Do you even know what you want, or is life just

  If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
So many times in life it's easy to say I don't have time, I'm too busy or I'm not good enough. What self defeating thoughts!  I challenge you right here and right now to get out a pen and paper.Write down what your dreams are or were before "life happened".  I don't mean "lose 10 pounds," I mean your DREAMS.

I want to... 

be a journalist
become a doctor
run a 5K.
become a director in my job

 go on a Safari in Africa
hike Mt. Rainier
be a healthy grandparent

 plant a garden
start my own business
surf in Hawaii
serve on City Council

 What are your dreams?
You have to feed your dreams each and every day.  Give them time, attention, a to do list, and love.
When you feed your dreams, life falls in to place.

 The money comes, the right people come, your health falls into place, and somehow you are happy!
I know I am making it sound much easier than it is, but if you don't feed your dreams, you are selling yourself short.You deserve to go for what you want out of life. 

You can do it.  One goal, one inch, one conversation, one degree, and one dollar saved at a time.

Make a list of your dreams professionally, personally, in your relationships, in fitness, and then do one thing at a time, one day at a time, and they will come true!
  In good health, Katie Zwiebel 


Sessions are four to eight weeks long starting at the beginning of each month.  The difficulty level increases weekly so you are able to adjust nicely.

You burn approximately 450-850 calories per class.

Each workout is built so all fitness levels and age groups can participate.
The location changes weekly in the general area you register for.

Each class is one hour long.
You will need an exercise mat, hand weights, and a water bottle. Dress in layers and be prepared for rain.

Upcoming Leadership Workshop

When: Saturday and Sunday in the Fall of 2017

Where: Location TBD

Who: High School Girls who Love Sports and want to continue athletics following graduation, either at a Collegiate level or Recreationally

What: A workshop to inspire youth to follow their dreams in school, life and sports.  We will have special speakers and topics on nutrition, training, balance of school and extracurricular activties, leadership, team ethics, sportsmanship and the history of woman in athletics.

Contact Us:
(916) 505-9675
register @
4111 E. Madison Street #67, Seattle, WA 98112

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